Do I have the right to be provided with homeowner information of the house I am renting? Posted on July 19, 2011

We started renting a house that was listed, a few months ago. We saw the house before hand and the realty company seemed to be reasonable. When viewing the house we were told it had only been vacant for a few months, when it reality it had not been lived in for around a year. There was no electricity or running water when we viewed the house. We had those things turned on when we moved in. There are very many things wrong with the house, due to neglect and poor repair attempts, and we documented those things on our move-in inspection sheet, as well as with photos (before and during our move).
A lot of things could not be determined until there was power and/or water in the house.
At this point, we have made multiple attempts to contact the realty company/landlords. We have asked for repairs to be made. They have told us verbally, and more recently through email, that they are going to have someone contact us about one of the multiple repairs, with no mention of the others. They are apparently only available through email, or through calling their office even though they provide their cell phone numbers are primary contact numbers on their business cards. When confronted about neglecting to return our calls and voicemails everyday for a week through a text message of all things, we were given an excuse about a grandchild breaking the cell phone and not being able to read the screen. The whole point is I am done trying to get things done through this realty company. I am and continue to be current on all rent and deposits faithfully. I was even a month ahead, and we have plans to transform the outside of the property from the neglect. I have personally trimmed over 500lbs of limbs from the 3 trees in the backyard. There are still 4 large trees in the front that need to be trimmed heavily. Large limbs over the house/garage. Sorry for the novel, but each case obviously is different and ultimately I just want the homeowners information if for nothing else.

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