Do I have a legal right with my mother's estate? Posted on April 05, 2011

After 51 years of living in the same house, my mother was put in assisted living 1-1/2 months ago. After my Dad died in 1998, my brother, sister and I bought the house in CT from my mother. It was agreed between us that after she moved into assisted living. the house not be put on the market for one year and that it would stay as is until my mother was sure she wanted to stay in assisted living. We also agreed she would know exactly what would happen to the contents of the house and be her decision, item by item. She is 93, is able to take care of herself and her mind is clear. My siblings have dismissed my mother's wishes that nothing be removed from the house without her permission and also want to sell the house as soon as possible. They were angry that my mother gave me a few items (not very valuable except to me) that she wanted me to have when I helped her to go through things. My mother wanted me to make a list as to whom she wanted to have some of her things and I did as she wished but my sister is ignoring her desires. Now my siblings are emptying the house without her knowing what is being done and giving some items to organizations. Already, some of her things have gone that she wanted to keep. My parents did accumulate antique collectibles and my brother and sister had an antique auctioneer go through the house to advise what would be worth going into an auction and what would be okay to put in a garage sale. I was informed he would not remove anything from the house, which was the result. However, he wanted to auction off her things in two weeks but my mother refused. I am the youngest of the three of us and live in MA so I cannot keep tabs on what is happening to the house. Legally, do I have any say as to what happens to her household since I am a co-owner and how can I get my siblings to stop removing items from the house? Thank you for your time.

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