Do I have grounds for suing in small claims court? Posted on February 14, 2011

I moved out of my apartment because my roommate was emotionally abusive and intimidating. The lease goes until August and I am interested in finding a new tenant to take my place. The landlord has told me that I cannot sublet the apartment unless my roommate approves of the new person. (they would be moving in with her) I feel that my roommate is purposely not choosing a new tenant. This is evidenced by her not setting up appointments with potential tenants, turning people down for petty reasons, and refusing to meet with potential tenants that I have referred to her. She refuses to answer any questions about who she has shown the apartment to, how many people have responded to the ads she has placed,etc. Whenever I try to communicate with her about subletting, she lashes out at me verbally instead of addressing the issue at hand. Today I told her that she needs to get back to a potential tenant who would like to see the apartment. She responded by telling me to stop talking to her, or she would report me for harassment. I have explained her behavior to the landlord and even forwarded him nasty e-mails she has sent me and he refuses to do anything to help. I have also provided evidence to him that she is purposely not trying to find a roommate (e-mails from potential tenants who state that my roommate never talked to them). I do not have the money to hire an attorney so the only thing I can really afford is small claims court. Do I have grounds to sue her and/or the landlord in small claims? I want to get back the money that I have had to continue to pay in rent, since I am not able to get out of the lease.

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