Do I have grounds for a lawsuit if I was falsely accused, done wrong and my family and I almost lost everything? 1 Answers as of September 09, 2016

This happened around January or February of 2014. I had a bank checking account and I had a charge that I did not recognize so they wanted to suspend my debit card and issue me a new one. After suspending my debit card, they told me it would take a couple of weeks for me to get a new one to the address on file. At the time, I was in another state working and had been there for a couple of months. My bank has no branch in that state. I asked them if they could update my address and send it Express straight to me and they said no, that it would take longer. What am I going to do with my wife and kids out there with me and no way to get any money? I came across my temporary checks that had been issued to me when I opened that account a year earlier. I called the bank and told them that I needed to know exactly how much funds were in my account that I was going to write myself a check for the total amount of funds that was in my account, with the temporary checks that were linked to that bank account, and told them when I was done, I was going to open another checking account from another bank and deposit that check into my new checking account. They said okay and that I was well within my right to do so. Immediately after I deposited the check into my new checking account, they wanted to hold it to verify that the $3742 check was good. The new bank’s lost money prevention department sent the check to my previous bank to verify the funds were there. The previous bank immediately sent the check back and declared that the check was fraudulent and counterfeit, but then paid that same check less than 6 hours later! By that time the damage was done and my new bank had frozen all my assets. It took me 3 to 4 weeks of fighting! Three-way conference calls speaking with representatives from both banks, and lots of hardship with no money. I literally almost lost everything.

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I suppose that you might have a suit for slander, but you may have trouble finding a lawyer who is interested. Consider a small claims suit.
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Replied: 9/9/2016
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