Do I have a good case to get alimony? Posted on March 24, 2011

My husband constantly mentally abuses me. I was pressured to hold onto stressful job in Georgia because he said he could not afford to pay all the bills and take care of me financially. I initially suffered a nervous breakdown back in 2002 following the death of my aunt. I began to have sudden crying episodes. My husband brought me to a hospital and I was admitted to a psychiatric ward and I had to stay there for 10 days to be evaluated. The psychiatrist prescribed bipolar medication. I went home and still was suffering but my husband was still mentally abusing me. He began taking things from me like my keys to my car and he dead bolted my home and hid the keys so I could not leave while he was at work or during the night. We later moved to Jacksonville, Fla. in 2003. He admitted me into another psychiatric facility because I stopped taking my medicine because he told me I could stop taking it in 2008. In 2008, because then I found out he had subscribed to a dating website due to opening a bank statement that showed the subscription, I threw water on him during the argument. He called the police to bring me and admitted me into bad behavioral in Panama City, Fla. I stayed there for approximately 10 days until he decided to get me out. I was subscribed new medication and when I got home his mother threatened to find him another woman if I did not take my medication again. Then he said if I go back into the hospital the next time he will leave me there if I do not take my medicine. He constantly reminds me of my past when we argue. He has since taken me off of his bank account so I have no access to funds.

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