Do I have any recourse if a roommate violated a verbal contract? Posted on January 26, 2011

A friend and I moved into an apartment with both names on the lease, and verbally agreed that there was to be absolutely no use of illegal substances in our home, and that should one of us violate this, the person who does not participate in drug abuse could leave. He began shooting up heroin, and I found out and moved out. He agreed verbally at that point, to a representative speaking on my behalf, that he would sign me off the lease and assume the financial responsibility for the apartment.
He instead has terminated the lease, leaving both of us responsible for the remaining balance on the apartment, and forcing collection agencies to come after me and cause damage to my credit. Is there anything I can do, legally, to force him to pay the amount in full and relieve me of my financial obligations (that have only surfaced due to him lying about the actions he was taking with the apartment, and terminating the lease, versus merely signing me off of it).

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