Did the auto dealer defraud me by not letting me know the car was in a wreck? Posted on May 04, 2011

I purchased a used 2009 Nissan frontier here in Suffolk VA. Agreed upon price was 20272, including tax tags title, everything. Well I used a pre approved loan check for 19000 to pay for the truck and was going to put down the remainder ($1,272) on a credit card. When we went to the processing area I had my card in hand and thought she took it to swipe but she never did. The dealer took my approved loan check for 19k and did my paperwork saying that everything is paid and the agreement is a 0 balance. Now is it possible they can come back to try and take my $1272? Isn't it their mistake they did not charge the card? As I said all paperwork said that this is paid in full, which both parties signed. I asked the dealer if the truck had ever been in a wreck because the back bumper looked off, so I asked for a carfax to make sure it had never been in an accident. The dealer told me that the title is clean and the vehicle had never been in an accident, then the car check came back clean. After I get home I am checking through the glove box in the owners manual and come across a receipt for bodywork due to a wreck in 2009! I specifically asked the dealer if it had been in a wreck and he and the manager said no, plus the car check came back clean as well. So did the dealer for not letting me know the car was in a wreck defraud me? And am I at fault for the dealer not doing his paperwork correctly? Should I just let bygones be bygones because of my break? Any help in this matter would greatly be appreciated.

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