DESPIDO INJUSTIFICADO Posted on April 20, 2011

About half hour before lunch break I was called into the office by Brian (Supervisor) when I entered he asked me if I was stealing car inspection stickers, and I said “No” I offered him to search me and took my wallet out to show him that I had nothing on me. He told me that if he ever sees me he will call the police . I staid calm be cause I had done nothing wrong. He then asked me to go back to my working area and I did, then Brian calls me back to the office after about 5-10 min later and shows me a pair of inspections and told me he took it out of my jacket . I was not wearing my jacket in the work area, it was hung at all times. At that moment I got upset and told him that the inspections were not mine. I told him that I know it was not mine , someone must have put it there or he was just looking to fire me. Jason Abate (Shop Manager) later came in the office and they talked behind closed doors. When they came out the has already called the police on me. I was then interrogated by the police and also intimidated by them due to the fact that they were calling me a liar with out having concrete evidence that it was in my possession . After the interrogations I was fired by Jason Abate.

I consider this to be a wrongful termination, I know the inspections were not mine. I have tried numerous times contacting the Manheim office to speak to Jason Abate or some one with a higher position but was not successful. I am not a problem person I also have no means of wrong intentions. I’m a hard working man that just wants his job back. I love my job And never missed a day unless excused by a doctor. I also want to say that this is not the first time a situation like this has happened at Manheim. I think they should seek concrete evidence before terminating an employee the way they terminated me and other employees.

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