Can you sue someone for personal injury if they abruptly drop your treatment? Posted on January 12, 2011

My daughter is on mass health as a secondary insurance; her fathers dental is primary insurance. She has an overbite and underbite. Jaw stretching apparatus had to be worn for 6 months. Mass health pre approved the device the primary insurance does not cover so the secondary kicks in. after visiting with orthodontist and xrays and bite trays....etc my daughter was fitted with an appliance to stretch her top jaw.-this is something that can only be done while the jaw is still growing. She wore the device for 6 months. When it was taken off the next step was to put on braces. Braces are covered by mass health which is a public assisted healthcare, the manager of the orthodontist has informed me that mass health has not paid for the device yet, so they will not continue to treat her. I am afraid the teeth will go back to the way they were without continued treatment. Can someone just stop treating you like that? Can you sue them?

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