Can you help someone convicted of 2 pharmacy robberies? Posted on April 24, 2011

My nephew was convicted of two crimes that happen within a 24 hour period. He robbed two pharmacies for pills and in one instance he had an unloaded gun. He was clearly robbing the drug stores due to help his addiction problem. He is a junky and he is addicted to a lot of things. I love him but always knew he would get 'caught'. The problem is he was caught in Norfolk and Va Beach, VA and trialed by each county seperately. He is now serving a 16 year sentence, 12 for VA Beach and 4 for Norfolk, or vice versa, This is not fair and it is completely over the top. Similar crimes in Northeast would have got him a cool 1-2 year conviction. He did not kill anyone, and he would not. He was calming his addiction. This is killing my sister and we need help! VA is known for going over the top and we want to get to know the people in similar fights. Can you help?

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