Can you get your green card revoked? 4 Answers as of November 08, 2010

I have a green card and I was wondering if there was any possibility that it could be revoked for any reason besides not residing in the U.S. for the appropriate amount of time.

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Pacifica Legal Services
Pacifica Legal Services | Floyd Fernandez
The instances in which one could lose their green card for permanent legal residency include the commission of an aggravated felony, or an offense which the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) calls a "crime involving moral turpitude" (CIMT). There are instances that there could be exemptions to that rule. Also the act of taking up arms against the United States, such as in a terrorist organization, could get you disqualified. If you have any further questions, especially if you want to consider dealing with a green-card-related situation, by all means call or e-mail me to set up an in-person or phone consultation. Best to you.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 11/8/2010
Law Offices of Svetlana Boukhny
Law Offices of Svetlana Boukhny | Svetlana Boukhny
Yes, if you are convicted of certain crimes that make you deportable/removable, you can get it taken away or if it is discovered that you obtained it through fraudulent means.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 10/29/2010
Law Offices of Juan Dotson
Law Offices of Juan Dotson | Juan Dotson
Yes, it can get revoked, and you subsequently deported, for many reasons. Visa fraud, lying on applications, acts of moral turpitude, committing aggravating felonies (most common are: guns, drugs, or violence) or other specific criminal convictions, violating terms of the I-864 (affidavit of support)...and so on. Our government has been cracking down on people with green cards who do not make the USA their permanent home.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 10/28/2010
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