Can you be evicted from a home if the homeowner passed away and you are not on the deed? 1 Answers as of August 18, 2015

My mother is currently residing in Hernando County, FL. She was in a relationship with my step dad for 15 years. However they were never legally married. They moved into a new home which my step dad purchased, my mother’s name was not placed on the deed. My step dad passed away this past April and now his half-sister who has come through the woodwork and has only met him one time in his whole life and he was 51 yrs. old. She is doing everything in her power to make my mother leave the home, my mother is deaf and they never provide an interpreter for her when they come into the home to see what belongs are there of my stepdads. There was no will so as far as I know isn't the home under the state of Florida and has to go through probate before any eviction can be done. Does my mother have any rights? Can she fight to keep this home? She has maintained this home the past 3 years and has paid the property taxes etc. Please help us!!!

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Because your mom and your "step dad" were never be married, this can be a problem. However, because she has lived there and paid taxes in the past will work in her favor. And yes a probate must be done in order to evict her. Your mother should hire an attorney and an interpreter to assist her in this situation. And no the home is not "under the state of Florida". I know it may cost something to hire an attorney, but if she can't afford it, contact the Legal aid in her community.
Answer Applies to: Florida
Replied: 8/18/2015
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