Can we sue our wedding planner? Posted on August 04, 2011

We got married this year. But before we fired our wedding planner 3 weeks before because she had nothing at that point. She laughed and called my fiancee delusional when we questioned her why she had done nothing. We had. Phone calls from the vendors saying there was no contact from her and the time was getting close. we had to do alot of the planning ourselves. When we let her go she made it clear she was not giving back the 1400 she had taken at that point. It was in the contract. But she did nothing to even deserve that money. She said this while laughing. Like she pulled the wool over our eyes. Do we have a case to file in small claims? there were other issues too. We had appointment with her and my wife was blown off after traveling 400 miles on the day she planned and when she got there she rushed her through the hotel we were marrying at in 5 minutes. She had an appointment before my wife there and took her time with them and went into my wifes time and again rushed her through in 5 minutes like she wasnt important enough.

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