Can we legally take back a vehicle after someone has put a security deposit down? Posted on July 21, 2011

I would like some advice if I need to get legal help involved at this point. We wanted to sell a car on eBay. Someone contacted us to see the car. We met and he wanted to buy it. He gave us a $500 deposit to hold the car for 2 days until he has the money to give the full price. During these 2 days the transmission broke and we did not want to sell it like this to him so we told him to meet to give him the money back. We felt horrible to sell such a bad car to him so we informed him of the recent events. All hell broke loose here and he refuses to take the money back. He insists on buying the car but we really do not want to sell it to him now. He is threatening us and he said he will sue us to get the car. What shall we do? We only have the $500 deposit that we want to give back to him which he will not take. There was no sell rather only for his assurance we made a piece of paper stating he gave us this money and in 2 days when he comes to pick up the car he can give the rest. We gave him all our info but didn't take anything back from him as we didn't even dream for this to happen. We were more worried to keep him safe and have the proof that he gave us the deposit. We don't even have this person’s name. We only have a phone number.

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