Can we get probation lowered for financial reasons? Posted on May 20, 2011

My girlfriend was put on probation for what is considered a violent crime. She fought back against an attacker, but neglected to call the police. The attacker called and now my girlfriend is on probation for 2 years with restrictions including no alcohol or firearms in our apartment, must be in house by 10 o'clock, and also has to pay almost 100 dollars in fees every month. She is going to anger and substance abuse classes, which she does not need. It has really screwed up her work situation and our financial situation. Since she is working less and paying those fees. Consequently we are way behind on bills and I can no longer afford to support us. Is there anything she can do to either get off probation early or to get some off the punishments or restrictions lessened or removed? Thank you for your time.

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