Can we finalize this divorce without an attorney? Posted on April 22, 2011

My finance and I are wanting to get married. He is still married to his ex and she wont agree to sign papers. He went to a lawyer and paid the retainer and she helped him to get custody of the child they were raisin. The attorney also filed the divorce papers in Sept of 2010. They were married for like 13 years but not together even half that. They would split up and get back together. Well, she says she wont sign the papers because she is entitled to 1/2 of his retirement, even though they weren't together for a year and a half of the 2 and a half years he has had this job. Is there anyway to finish the divorce to where there marriage is done and we can marry without an attorney? He did get custody of the child that part was settled out of court, itwasn't between them was between him and the mother of the child who is the daughter of his ex. Can we finalize this divorce without an attorney?

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