Can we be sued for health inspection failures after selling our restaurant? Posted on May 16, 2011

We recently sold our sushi restaurant. We followed the demands of the buyers and made sure to get various parts of our restaurant checked, and made many fix-ups. Afterwards, they redesigned the restaurant so the sushi bar, with a display case filled with raw fish is much closer to the kitchen (and to grills and stoves), and they do not put ice under the fish in the display case as we did, and is commonly done in many sushi restaurants. Because they did not take these precautions, they failed a health inspection test testing the temperature inside the sushi display case. They complained, demanding we owe them a new case, or they will sue us. Do they have grounds for a lawsuit? We have never failed health inspection before, and they failed after having changed the conditions of the original display case. Is that still negligence on our part?

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