Can they charge me for a crime and her for lying about the crime she's accusing me of? 1 Answers as of December 15, 2016

I rent a room from an older lady and I've been here 6 months. She's insulted me verbally on several occasions and I have videos. To the point that I had got my stuff from my storage unit and was moving it in the house when she became angry and wouldn't let me bring my stuff inside. The property manager said to bring it in and if she had issues still that she could talk to him. Well I told her that after she was blocking me from bringing things in. Well after 2 calls to the dispatch and 1 visit in which the cops said if she didn’t let me and they had to come back. She was going to jail. While I called them to come, she bashed her face in a wall in her room and called the police and said I did it. The cops didn't believe her and I was not taken to jail because they didn't believe her. So they submitted her story and pictures of her and the wall. I wrote a statement saying my side as well. But I told the cop they needed to charge her for the lies especially if he could tell she was lying. I'm sitting here waiting to see what the prosecutor’s office will do. She had been drinking as well.

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There will be no charges. You need to find a new living arrangement.
Answer Applies to: Washington
Replied: 12/15/2016
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