Can a sex offender work with kids and lie about why hes an offender? Posted on August 15, 2011

 I found out a man is a 3rd degree (53a-72a) sex offender at a local salon. I understand he has rights and can't be discriminated, but he can work in a salon full of women without notifying fellow employees. Can he be cutting childrens hair?! That's very personal. Also he claims he only kissed a 15 year old when he was 39 but would he be charged with 53a- 72a 3rd degree sexual offense? Should I be concerned I know someone working with him and is he lying about what happens? He never told anyone then their boss was sent an anonymous letter she kept it a secret. Then an employee answered the phone and was informed he was a sex offender and wanted by the police. She and the salon informed the boss when the boss told him they all knew now.  He confronted them about the phone call and said all he did was kiss a minor. It doesn't sound like that's all he did to get that charge. Thank you.

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