Can the school keep me from going on field trips with him? Posted on May 11, 2011

My 8-year old son attends a Catholic School in Maryland. A Maryland Judge who is a convicted drunk driver and an admitted alcoholic awarded sole legal and physical custody of my son to his father despite the fact that I have not been charged with or found in any way to be an unfit parent. The decision is currently being appealed. Meanwhile, my son's Catholic school has prohibited me from attending school field trips with my son unless I first get my son's father's permission, although there is no school or Archdiocesan policy or language in the Custody Order that requires me to get my son's father's permission. I have repeatedly asked for a copy of a written policy of this "requirement" and no one has been able to provide me with such. I have also successfully completed the Catholic school's training for volunteers and obtained a credential that allows me to have substantial contact with children. Do I have a case against the Catholic school?

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