Can police search your car without permission in Missouri? 1 Answers as of February 06, 2011

Can police search your car without asking your permission to search your car?

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Police only need "probable cause" to believe you have something in your car in order to search it without your permission. This is a much lower standard than is required to enter your home without permission. Police usually give the following reasons for giving them probable cause: "furtive movements" (i.e. trying to hide drugs within the car", the smell of drugs, signs of intoxication, or admissions by the defendant (i.e. admitting there are drugs in the car). Without probable cause, the police need a warrant or need your consent. Occasionally police will say that you have consented when in fact you did not consent. Despite what the police say in their report, an experienced attorney can usually read between the lines and know when they are not telling the truth. If you have a car-search case, you should get the police report and have an attorney read it with you. Any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Answer Applies to: Missouri
Replied: 2/6/2011
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