Can a parent refuse court order visitation if it is not in the best interest of the child? Posted on April 27, 2011

My granddaughter's ages 2 & 4 are terrified of go to see their dad. He just got visitation rights to have the girls every other weekend at his sister's house. These visits must be supervised by his family member due to the fact that he is a registered sex offended still on parole and has been accused by the four year old of molestation. This has not been proved in the courts they say her story changes too much and she is an unreliable witness, however I believe her. How can they be force to go when they are terrified of him? It's heartbreaking for the whole family, do we have any recourse? The lawyer for the case said there wasn't anything to worry about he would not get visitation rights. When he did the lawyer said not to do anything until the order was received and then it would be appealed and while in appeal the girls would not have to go. However he is not returning any phone calls to give us any direction in this matter. These little girls should not have to endure the physical and mental harm this will cost them!

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