Can officers put a BOL on a suspected DUI Case from 30 miles away? Posted on July 12, 2011

My brother has a clean record no speeding tickets or anything. Over the 4th of July he was in a neighboring town 30 miles from town where he was arrested for DUI. While in the neighboring town for the 4th of July celebrations he was talking with a mutual female friend and joking around with her where there were two officers standing near listening and engaging in the conversation. No problems occurred while he was at the celebrations. He left with my sister and other friends but was not driving. They traveled the 30 mile drive where he was dropped off at his truck and felt fine to drive. He was driving the 3 miles to his house where 2 police cars pulled out of a secluded road and immediately pulled him over. He was not given any probable cause and the officer (who happens to be someone who partied with my brother in high school) knew about all the conversations he had while in the neighboring town with his female friend. Also, the officer assumed he drove the whole 30 miles from the neighboring town which he did not and has witnesses to that and that he did not appear impaired when he left in his vehicle. He blew a .165 and was arrested all within being back in town for 15 minutes. He was given another breath test at the station but that number has not been noted to him. The whole situation seems unfair on how the events took place. It was found that the officers in the neighboring town had put a BOL out on him from 30 miles away. Based on that he was pulled over and arrested without seeing any reckless driving. Is it legal for them to issue a BOL from 30 miles away and not try to prevent him from driving 30 miles if that is what they presumed he was doing? One of the officers that put the BOL out on him now seems to harass him whenever he passes him on the road. He swerves around like he is going to pull him over and i feel that is wrong of them to do. My brother keeps to himself and has never been in any kind of previous trouble.

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