Can my wife get maintenance and part of my 401k after only 7 months of marriage? Posted on April 14, 2011

My wife and I have been married for 7 months.She gets section 8 housing which pays 98 percent of her rent. She gets food stamps,ssi,child support from an x,and part of 401k from another x. She also has passport insurance which pays all of her medical bills.She is devorcing me and says she can make me pay her maintenace for 1 to 2 years and get half of my 401k.We lived in ky.We were together for 5 months and have been seperated for 2 months.And since I left she has bought a little sports car that she now has to pay 300 a month payments on.When we married I moved to ky 1hour and 50 minutes away from where I work into her condo.We did not have a bank accout together.Nor did I support her. Also when I was with her just before I left we filed taxes and got 4000 back and she took 3000 to put half on bills and half on a car. After I left she spent the whole amount an the little sports car that she now has to pay 300 a month on.But she says I have no proof that she took that money. She says she is disabled and can not work .But she has what she had when I met her she has not lost any of her benifits..Plus she took on another bill.The car! So will have have to pay maintenance and give part of my 401k for just a short marriage? Also when she told me she was filling she said she wasnt going to ask for anything.She wanted me to sighn the papers at the court house that day but I was working. So then she said she was putting down that I refused to sign and was asking for all that stuff. Also she dosn't have my home address because she scratched my car and I didn't want her to know where I live, but I gave her my work address and she said she put down she didn't know where I was and I was in hiding. I geuss the questions are. Will I have to pay maintenace? Can she get part of my 401k? And should I get an lawyer. She had a volontary lawyer help her fill out one of those divorce packets.

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