Can my previous employer sue me because they think I stole from a co-worker? Posted on May 09, 2011

I got fired from my work because a coworker said I stole $20 bucks, and I never did. She searched all of the other coworkers purses for the money, she also reached into my pocket and took out my wallet. I told her all the money i had (40 dollars) and she told my manager I still stole it. So my manager said she cant do anything about it so I'm fired. My coworker called the police and they said they knew I was lying to them, I kept telling them I didn't. They took me out to their car and said if I didn't admit to stealing the money I would be put in hand cuffs. So I decided to say that I did take it, just for the sake of not getting arrested, so they told me to go home and that I'm not allowed to be near the establishment again. They also told me the lady wasn't going to press charges against me. Now, I took it up with my supervisor because finding a job is really hard these days. He told me he would review it. He later tells me that in the past month over $1000 was missing from coworkers, I had no idea. So my question is, can the company press a charge against me, if they thought I stole the money from the coworker? The cameras in my store didn't show anything of me stealing from peoples belongings, as well as the companies money from the registers. I just don't want to get into a big civil case over this, I'm only 19.

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