Can my landlord force me to move out early? Posted on August 08, 2011

Our land lord is asking us to move out almost a week before our lease expires, without prorating rent, in order to get it ready for the next tenant. She has said that to get cleaning done etc in a "rush" we could incur "rush rate fees" for cleaning and any possible repair. It is obvious she just wants to get new people here quick so she can keep making money. We were going to depart early but we would have to prorate our tenants rent at the old place and we wouldn't get prorated here, so wed be out a lot of money. It almost seems like extortion/coercion according to my fiance and the land lady has made nebulous threats in her email responses she has given to my fiance. She has done similar things to previous tenants. Is what she is doing legal, and if not what can we really do? She received a security deposit of over $2,000 and other than getting the carpets cleaned (they are very cheap and old) we didn't do any damage. I am also in the navy but have not yet talked to navy legal.

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