Can my insurance claim to pay already paid bills? Posted on April 11, 2011

I was involved in a car accident a little less than 7 years ago. I received medical benefits the insurance of the guy who hit me, then my lawyer settled with them, grabbed his share and held the remainder for emergency payments to providers (about $3000) My lawyer said my ins was responsible for my continuing medical needs; then he promptly sent them the bills which had ALREADY been paid.... and my ins. co. paid *them all again* and closed my benefits. I brought this to everyone's attention when I began to get copies of the erroneous repayments from my ins. co. Many of the honest providers return the overpayment, while others "invented" bills for the amounts received.... such as the hospital - which turned up with a bill - even tho they had not been billing me during the intervening 3 years. Anyway my lawyer said he would look into it- but basically just blew me off for the next couple years. I called him often, and he never returned my calls. Now that the "deadline" is here i find that he wants to talk to me all the time. I have learned that he denies the existence of the remaining balance of the first settlement- and he wants me to settle. Then he tells me that he doesn't have a power of attorney for dealing with my ins. co. None of this makes any sense to me, how can my ins. co. claim to pay all those already paid bills and then close my access to my own medical benefits? I have tried to ask a local lawyer, but as soon as I tell them I want to talk about my current lawyer- they rush me off. I would like advice about this situation and my own lawyers handling of my case.

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