Can my girlfriend adjust her B-1 visa and become a permanent resident without leaving the country? Posted on April 25, 2011

So this is the situation: she has had a B-1 tourist visa for over a year. This is her third time entering the United States. The first two were for legit tourist purposes, and to also search for future employment with an H-1B Visa. She has been in a program to prepare teachers in the state of Texas for two years that is designed to lead to employment as a Bilingual Teacher in a shortage area. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, many schools are still looking for bilingual teachers, but don't want to go through the whole immigration process. At job fairs, they have openly told us that they would consider hiring her if she was sponsored another way (such as through marriage/adjustment of status). She has been in the US for over a month now on the B-1 visa. We had no intention to get married when she entered the US, but we have been together since we were working and living together in Mexico. I am positive I would still marry her regardless of the situation, though I would be more comfortable making long term plans to invite friends and family....but would be completely willing to do it as quickly as possible if it improves the situation. Should we get married? If we do, can we adjust her status here so she can work in the US and teach without an H1B visa? Again, she has never violated immigration law before, or been here illegally.

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