Can my friend be convicted of criminal trespassing? Posted on August 08, 2011

Someone I know was in an abandoned house with about 6 other people (all under 18). There was alcohol present at the house, and it is unknown how it got there. Police came to the house and the 7 people ran to hide in the house. One of these people was found and arrested. The others hid from the police until they were gone. One of the 6 remaining left his phone at the house and the phone was found by police. The one who was arrested did no give names and did not give the police any information. The police began to look through the found phone and the phone of the arrested person before a warrant was obtained (warrant was obtained a about an hour later however). It has been three days since the incident and the owner of the phone has not been contacted by police whatsoever. What risks does the owner of the phone face? Since it has been three days, will the police even bother with the phone?

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