Can my fiances ex wife keep me away from their daughter because she doesnt like me? Posted on August 04, 2011

We don't know what to do next. His exwife is tormenting their daughter because she and I don't speak. I have been in this little girls life for 6 years now and for the past 6months she is telling this little 9 year old not to be alone with me and to stay away from me. She also tells my fiance not to leave her alone with me which of course we ignore because she is like my daughter. I have been caring for her for so many years without any problems. We need legal advice to protect this little girl from her mothers constant iterrigation. My fiance is so worried about his daughters well being and his exwife is clearly just jealous of me. We have tried explaining to his daughter that she has no control over the decisions that are made when she is with us so that her mother would stop making her scared to be alone with me. It is getting out of control, this little girl is so affraid that her mother will find out when she is with me and it is truly causing problems in our home life.

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