Can my fiancee visit the US on a K-1 visa just for our wedding w/o then applying for a Green Card & staying in the US? Posted on March 13, 2011

I am a US citizen. My fiancee is a Chinese citizen. We live together in Shanghai although I go back to the States to visit for a few weeks/months every year. I want us to have our wedding in the States so she can visit my "home" where my family and friends are. Since we both primarily work here in China, we would then come back to China afterward where we would stay for the near future. We don't plan on moving permanently to the United States until we have a child ready to attend school. We're applying for a K-1 for her and she will soon have her interview at the US consulate in Guangzhou. It sounds like most people who apply for the K-1 intend to get married in the States and immediately move/stay there. We're different in that we just want to have a wedding there. The K-1 visa seemed to be the most appropriate visa for our situation. Several years ago, she was denied her B-2 visitor's visa (preventing her from visiting my grandmother before she passed away). What I want to know is 1) Is it necessary for her to immediately apply for a Green Card after going to the US on a K-1 or is that just optional? 2) Similarly, are there any negative consequences if she uses the K-1 just to visit without subsequently applying for that Green Card? 3) Would she be able to apply for a Green Card later in the future? 4) How would she be able to visit the US (for temporary trips, maybe just once or twice in the next 10 years, before she applies for a Green Card?

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