Can my fiance come back to the U.S.? Posted on July 07, 2011

My fiance of 2 years is currently in the process of being deported. He has 3 charges: #1- unauthorized use or possession of a fraud (he has this felony for having fraud green card that he had in his wallet when being arrested), #2- no valid drivers license, and #3- immigrant-federal charge. If I file for petition while he's in Mexico with the help of an immigrant attorney, what are my chances that he may have permission to come back or not?
He has good moral character. He regrets for having that card and we want to know is there a way to pay back by paying a fine or for him to be banned from the US for a months or years as an apology. We were saving up and planning to get married in Mexico so we could come back to the US the correct way to finally live in peace. I am an American citizen.
Thank you for your help.

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