Can my ex gain child custody with boyfriend who has felony child endangerment charges? Posted on May 23, 2011

I'm having a baby with someone whom we have split at this point due to him coming home drunk and it turned into an altercation. I smacked him first weather hormones, or being pissed that he was drunk, I was 7 months pregnant at the time. It was wrong. He hit me back and it was enough to lead me to the hospital to get the baby checked. They took a report and I told the truth and Noe he is facing child endangerment, possible death unjury to the unborn, my 7 year was present, threatening charges, and spousal abuse. I would like him to b part of the birth although I'm still hurt. Since then he's been getting help through recovery and aa but still has court to fond out what he will get sentenced with. I'm 16 days to having my baby. I talked to my daughters father and he said if for any reason he is near my daughter he will take me to court.tjos babys father seems to think since I hit him first that he was allowed to hit me back and I don't really c it this way although there were two faults. Actually the courts aren't taking that into consideration either. Will he gain sole custody if I am around him? I don't want to take any chances especially losing my daughter!!!

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