Can my employer make a preset schedule? Posted on August 13, 2011

My employer has implemented a point system in which you receive a half point for being late or leaving early a whole point for missing a day of work with a small list of exceptions you receive a point if you miss work even with a Dr. excuse only immediate family members funeral are excused with that list being small even if the employer decides that for med. reasons that you have to leave work like(pink eye, if they think you might have flu or something that is contagious) you receive a point or half point after 6 points you receive a verbal warning after the 7th point a write up after the 8th a day off the 9th 3 days off the 10th your terminated the point system is on what they call a rolling 6 month a point that becomes 6 months old drops off missed work is considered if you are scheduled to work you have to be there does the employee have a right to a pre set schedule? and if so how much of notice to a change are we entitled to? Now they wont actually tell us if we are working 4 5 6 or 7 day a week and if we dont work a sat they dont tell us until Friday morning.

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