Can my credit be ruined by sneaky autorenew option in contract? Posted on April 06, 2011

I signed a one year contract with Massage Envy which entailed a flat monthly fee for 1 massage/month. I did not read the contract very well; after the one year was up they have the option to continue charging my credit card every month until I give them a 30 day notice. They would not accept notice over the phone...only if I go in and sign their special form. My credit card expired (after I fulfilled the one year agreement) and now they are threatening to send me to collections because I am "past due." I only realized the autorenew option after they called to say my card was expired, so they were autorenewing on my credit card for several months with no additional notice. I know it was stupid of me to not catch this caveat in the contract, but when I looked it over again it's kind of sneaky and that's not how they verbally sold it. Anyway, I only had 3 or 4 massages my whole time with them due to time constraints on my part and not very good masseuses. I also cannot use my remaining massages because they suspended my account, not that I want to at this point. So, I wasted a bunch of money...lesson learned. I am not about to give them another credit card number or more money for services I am not receiving and I figure they've come out ahead . My question is...should I go down and sign their cancellation form or should I just ignore their phone calls? If they send me to collections, will it damage my credit (they don't have my SS#)? I am afraid if I go sign the form now I would make myself liable for months since they started autorenewing. But I also don't want a surprise one year from now if they try to claim I owe them even more since I never cancelled the contract. Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance!

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