Can a married sex offender live with stepchildren? 1 Answers as of March 17, 2011

My fiancé just plead out to 3 years and 5 years probation for a sex offender charge. We have lived together for 2 years. We have 3 kids, 2 of which are not biologically his. Their father is deceased. This happened before we met mind you. My question is what happens when he gets out? Can he come back home to us? Should we get married to establish the fact that we have been together this long? What will look better in the eye of the court?

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Lawrence Lewis
Lawrence Lewis | Lawrence Lewis, PC
You need to check with: (1) attorney, who pled him to the charges; (2) the court clerk, in order to see what his sentence says; and (3) the probation officer, who will supervise him when he gets out.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 3/17/2011
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