Can the judge charge me with a DUI after getting an underage consumption ticket? Posted on March 25, 2011

I was pulled over for having a headlight out last night in Wisconsin. I had been drinking earlier in the evening, but hadn't consumed anything 3 hours prior to driving. I blew a .035 but the cop knew I was not impaired and I passed the other field sobriety tests. I'm currently 20 years old, my birthday is in 1 week. I received an underage consumption/possession ticket rather than a DUI. The cop was very generous and sympathetic and gave me a ride home. I have a mandatory court date in 4 weeks. There was no fine amount on the ticket I received and I was told that the judge may be lenient with the fine amount or make me take a class instead. My question is, could I still be charged with a DUI even though I didn't receive one the night I was pulled over? I'm going to court for the underage.

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