Can a job application be transferred to different position without consent? Posted on May 10, 2011

I applied for a Researcher position that said that would need a Master of Political Science degree, which I have. After the first interview, the employer called me for second interview. In the second interview, they told me that they were considering me for a different position Analyst. A week later, they emailed me saying that they offered the Analyst position to someone else with more quantitative background. However, I never applied for Analyst position in the first place. I knew a person who applied to Analyst position but now I find out he was hired for Researcher position. I feel like in order to hire that other person they first moved my application to Analyst position so that I could be rejected on the ground of not having quantitative background, and so that the Researcher position would be available to be filled with the other person. The employer is a public institution, I feel like I have been cheated and discriminated by moving my application without my consent to hinder my chances. Is that something legal? Have I been discriminated? This happened in Wisconsin.

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