Can Islamic law be applicable in conjunction with American law in divorce matters? Posted on April 25, 2011

I was married Islamically in UK just to keep make our parents happy so that we can live together as per Islamic law. As per Islam/Sharia law I was obligated to pay some money to my wife anytime during the marriage. It is on a paper signed by both. My wife is the one who asked for divorce and also during the mediation she said that she is going to forgive this money. We almost have agreement on everything & now she wants to put this statement on divorce paper that "husband is obligated to pay money and this contract paper will not forgive him from this obligation". Just for your information as per Islamic law if wife ask for divorce then she has no right to ask this money OR once she says I forgo husband then also she can ask for this money. My question is can Islamic/Sharia law is applicable in conjunction with USA law. My guess is no and we do not need any other law here in USA except American law. Thanks in advance.

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