Can I take action against a towing company giving out my personal information? Posted on August 10, 2011

The other week my car was towed. A few days after my car was towed I had a buzz at my apartment door. I opened the door to a complete stranger who asked me if I was towed that day as well. We discussed what we believe happened and he said he was going to reference me in his appeal of the ticket associated with the towing of his car. I was unable to reference him since I had already submitted my appeal but figured that him referencing me in his appeal will most likely help my situation. After he left I thought "How the heck did he get my name and address?" I know I should have asked him but the thought did not come to me at the time. I'm assuming he did not get it from the police since they wouldn't give that information out so I'm guessing he got it from the towing company. The company that towed us is a well known predatory towing company in the Boston area known as Roberts Towing. My questions is: Was it illegal for them to give out my name and address to a complete stranger and if so can I take any action?

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