Can I file and process a warrant for abandoment against my husband? 3 Answers as of February 17, 2012

My husband has been passively/aggressively abusing me for many years and physically at times. He has not held or looked for steady work since our marriage 7 years ago. I am presently on my 3rd HepC treatment and am very sick from it. He finally found a steady job, working out of state. Not only did he leave me alone and food-less, he has not sent me 'any' money to live on in over 6 weeks, paid enough on the light bill to keep it on for 2 weeks, never paid the bill again and paid our cell phone bill at the last moment to keep 'his' phone on (he is on 'my' plan). Now he has not even called, texted or anything to check on me in a week. We live in Georgia and he is presently in California, completely ignoring me and my needs at home. I was down to 98 lbs when he left with 'no' food in the house and 'his' bills 2 months in arrears and ready to be shut off (electric and phone). Also, he stopped paying for heat and hot water 3 years ago. My daughters have been supplying me with food and my parents have paid off the light bill which is in his name with 'no' restitution from him to them.

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Speaker Law Firm | Theodore Speaker
Yes. You should go thru the DA Office.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 2/17/2012
H. Scott Basham, Attorney at Law, P.C. | H. Scott Basham
I'm not sure that Georgia law makes it a crime to abandon a spouse (as opposed to a minor child). Besides, having him locked up won't help you. Your best bet is to file for divorce and ask for spousal support, both temporary and permanent.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 2/17/2012
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