Can I sue a trust company in a US district court? Posted on June 17, 2011

It is over $75k , there are two breaches of the constitution in this case, one is to block me from due process, they have the trust fund for my benefit and it is not incentive or discretionary or spendthrift or special needs. But the trustees won't let me have money from it to hire a lawyer and took me to court and I am disabled so I had to testify via phone without a representative or I would have defaulted meantime they cheated me, can I get a discrimination against a disabled person since the disability prevented me from travel to Florida from California, the cardiologist said no. And they could have brought the case out here even though it is a Florida based trust. They have trust branches downtown Los Angeles I used to go to for the checks before they transferred me out. They did not want to pay money owed to me by contract, which they breached.

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