Can I sue the restaurant for not replacing my order of raw chicken they served? Posted on October 12, 2017

I had a coupon for a free menu item with purchase. I ordered a chicken sandwich. I get back to work took a couple of bites and noticed the weird texture in my mouth, then I spit it out looked at my sandwich and it was raw. I called the restaurant and was told to bring back the sandwich. I left work again to take it back. I put the sandwich, still in the box with the ticket number printout still on it. And the manager said I need a receipt. I pointed at the box and said you don't get any more proof than this, besides you told me to bring the food back. He preceded and pulled up the actual receipt from the ticket that's taped to the box and then stated this sandwich was free. Very rude and disrespectful. I called a corporate number and no one has contacted me at all and this is a major restaurant. What should I do? I basically didn't receive anything back for basically what I paid for.

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