Can I sue a negligent homeowner who caused a serious illness for a tenant? 2 Answers as of March 04, 2011

I temporarily was a guest invited to stay in my friends home last year, while I was recovering from the sudden death of three family members who died in a car accident. However, while a guest at his home, I started to get what looked like a staph infection developing all over my arms and legs. Went to Dr. got medicine, but it was not clear what the diagnosis was because my Dr. suggested it had more of a parasite like circulation that caused the sores to be very deep and dark. After a month of lesions virtually consuming all parts of my arms and legs area, it was clear the anti-biotic given for staph had no effect on this bizarre anomalies thing that produced huge purple marks that had open middles that simply would not heal! I basically am deformed from this that began one year ago Feb 10`. I began to notice dangerous molds that were growing on the interior roof of the home, and most likely on the inside panels of the floors and walls of the home, built back in the 60's. I begged my friend to help me, but he got defensive and refused to have a professional come into look at the potential presence of a toxic bug, or mold that was possibly the cause of this scary sickness. I lost my job, I am unable to work, and I am stranded here in this home that I know and have evidence to support is the cause of whatever this combination of toxic mold, and parasites that are presently taking my will to live from me, and my friend has done nothing to assist in inquiring about my evidence that toxic mold exists, and well as improper maintenance of the property to meet safety and building codes have been neglected, and then to know these problems existed but to deny it to me, as he watched my beautiful body being literally eaten alive by whatever is present in this home is criminal. And to make matters ever more appalling, is he has the home for sale in this condition! And much more, I never paid him rent, but I have lived here 16 months. Do I have a case? Please help.

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Your case would be very difficult to prove because you need samples and expert testimony. Seek out a mold attorney for more information.
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Replied: 3/4/2011
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