Can I sue my supervisor and the company for my supervisor punching me? 3 Answers as of October 09, 2013

I was going to clock out and my supervisor yelled at me for not signing out and I told her I could not find the sign out book. She continued to yell and say I also didn’t finish a room and I told her I already talked to my boss and she said I was fine. She then got very angry and told me to get the fuck out of her house I told her No, I work here I don’t have to go anywhere. She then stood up and punched me in my face and keeps hitting me from there on out so we then starting fighting! I called the cops they said she had a visible mark also so if I wanted to press charges so did she and they just gave me a case number n then left. I called my boss and told her what happened, she did not fired the lady for assaulting me because her husband is the desk manager. So I was never fired but no longer feel safe working with this lady on a daily basic. I work at a hotel I’m a housekeeper and she is the head housekeeping.

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File a claim for worker's compensation benefits for your physical and emotional injuries.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 10/9/2013
Yes, you may file a civil law suit for the assault.
Answer Applies to: Georgia
Replied: 10/8/2013
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Yes you can. The company is making a huge mistake by taking no action. Proceed with the criminal charges. They will help you with a suit against the person who punched you and the company.
Answer Applies to: Rhode Island
Replied: 10/8/2013
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