Can I sue my parents and the pharmaceutical companies for neglect? 1 Answers as of August 09, 2017

I have been neglected by my parents to inform themselves of the pharmaceutical company’s prescription drugs I was given as a child. Some of these drugs are Adderall, Concerta, Wellbutrin, Redalin, Respiridone, and Invega to name a few. I have never believed these drugs to be an answer to my problems and am no longer on any prescription drugs. As a child, I was forcefully fed these drugs by my parents in order to focus at school. I had a bad reaction to all of them leading to malnutrition, loss of appetite psychological problems, and in a few cases seizures. These drugs were given to me during puberty and I have evidence to prove that they affected my growth as a child and have caused permanent irreversible damage. I was always force fed a different drug when I refused to take the ones prescribed. I was threatened by my parents to be removed from their house if I did not continue taking these drugs. Now I suffer from many more physical, emotional, and psychological issues. I believe these to be a direct result of the drugs given to me as a child and have a large quantity of evidence to not only suggest, but prove this in a court of law. It is my understanding that the reason my parents neglected to research these drugs themselves for their harmful side effects, which I made them completely aware of, is because the doctors and psychologist who administered these drugs prescribed to me failed and neglected to make themselves aware of the risks involved in turn deceiving my parents. Most of these drugs I have been given have been proven to have numerous harmful side effects and have either been taken off the shelves or have their chemical structure altered completely. Some of these drugs were made by manufacturers who neglected to tell the doctors all of the chemical ingredients in their drugs which have led to many harmful side effects which I can also prove in a court of law. I am now 26 years old and am still suffering from all of the negative side effects.

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No, you can't sue your parents.
Answer Applies to: Michigan
Replied: 8/9/2017
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