Can I sue my employer if let go because of stealing with no proof? 1 Answers as of June 10, 2011

I was working at least 40 hours a week at a pizza place as a waitress. Then this young new girl comes in and started all kinds of untruthful stuff about me. The manager thought I was stealing but she had no proof. I was let go. I have come to find out the girl that came in after me talking about me was the one stealing and they caught her and let her go. I think that they owe me for the time it took to find another job and because it was slander!

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CA is an at-will employment state. This means they can fire you for any reason or no reason, just not an illegal discriminatory one. They had a good faith belief that you were stealing and they terminated you. No claim against them. You can sue the new girl for slander and the wages you lost. Even if you win in small claims you still have to collect. It may cost you more to collect than the amount of your judgment.
Answer Applies to: California
Replied: 6/10/2011
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