Can I sue my employer for harassment? Posted on March 07, 2011

I am a female nurse. I also have hepatitis C. Last week the Supervisor found an empty medicine bottle in a bathroom. My supervisor, an HR rep, and a security officer singled me out of 8 people who they blamed this on. They interrogated me ferociously, searched my belongings, made me lift my shirt(the security officer was a male and present). They accused me of shooting up the drug in the bathroom. I did have a needle mark on my arm because I had surgery the prior week, which they were aware of. They told me that its too coincidental that I have hep c, have a needle mark, and theres an empty medicine bottle in the bathroom. They harassed and kept telling me to just admit doing it and they will not ask for my nursing license to be suspended. I am the only nurse they made submit to a drug test. I am not sure how the bottle got there and my test, of course, came back negative. They humiliated me and I did nothing wrong. Can I sue the employer and would there be any financial gain for doing so?

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