Can I sue my company if my position was eliminated while I was on FMLA and medical leave? Posted on July 02, 2011

I was out of work do to a surgery. I was on FMLA but that time ran out. So I was placed on medical leave. When I returned to work my positions was gone. So I was told to apply for a new position. So I did just that after calling everybody in the hospital to get my job back. They called me for one interview then sent me a letter thanking me for apply and good luck in the future. I was told beforehand that I would get a new position with the same pay. So every time I apply for a new position they take it off the site. So I want to know if I could sue them because now my insurance ran out and I need it because I am on Coumadin which is a blood thinner. I have already bled out before from the medicine. I've been with this company for 13 years and never been out for any type of surgery. I feel like because I got sick that they are holding it against me.

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