Can I sue my company because of workplace disputes? Posted on March 13, 2011

I am a coal miner and I was assaulted underground by the mine foreman. My coworker and I were on a mantrip and the mine foreman was upset so he rammed our mantrip with his. The impact was so hard that it almost knocked me and my passenger off. It derailed our mantrip so I could not move it. The foreman proceeded to push me, grab me and choke me. He threatened to knock my teeth down my throat and break my neck. Then he said I was stupid and said derogatory things about my wife. There were several men on his mantrip that witnessed all this. After I got my things and walked outside, I asked the superintendent to fill out an accident report but he denied me my request saying that he didn’t want to get involved. He intimidated me by insinuating that I would lose my job if I went to the ER or saw a doctor, saying " I would hate to have to fire you over something like this". My question is, can I sue? Who do I sue?

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